In a small town, Eva, an eight-year-old, spends the day with her newly sober father, Jonathan. Temptation and reality collide, derailing the afternoon, forcing Eva’s eyes wide open and leaving her to pick up the pieces.

SHIFT explores addiction through family, choice, and the human spirit. As a daughter and sister of an addict, I have experienced great travesty and loss, but have also learned a great deal of compassion for this human experience. I was forced to open my eyes at a very young age to the reality of my father’s addiction. I experienced a shift of innocence, which was heartbreaking, but so full of love when I realized my father was an addict. My personal choices have strengthened the unique bond that I have with my father and my understanding of the disease. This is where the compassion lives. As a filmmaker, I made SHIFT to share my truth and inspire others to see addiction in another light.

- Kristen Hester
Writer/Director for SHIFT

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